Musical Participation

When I was much younger, I was very active in a number of church choirs, singing the bass/baritone part. I was absent from the choir world for about 30 years because of other church commitments, but now I am free of those commitments,  It is a little tough getting my voice used to singing these days because of some problems with athsma medication so I’m limited to just singing the melody on the ordinary hymns sung with the rest of the congregation instead of the bass/baritone part on special works sung only by the choir. My younger daughter, once was a Voice major at one of
the local Universities and has performed twice in the chorus at Carnegie Hall in New York City and her 14-year-old daughter both sang in the Soprano section of the choir  at the church we used to go to but none of us are in a choir now. I was invited to try out for a singing part in a local production of My Fair Lady but I’ve got too many things going on right now so I didn’t audition.


When it comes to just listening to music, my tastes are eclectic. I like at least some pieces of just about every genre but I especially love Classical and Traditional Jazz. I also like choral music of a serious nature (no “pops” concerts for me) especially in live performance. Now my granddaughter (!) has gotten me interested in opera and I just bought two season tickets to the Michigan Opera Theater so she and I can go to the performances. They’re for Wednesday nights and up in the nosebleed section but the Detroit Opera House is not that big and the sound in the upper balcony is supposed to be the best in the house. Wednesday nights do get the “A” cast so that is a major plus.

My best resource, however, is a Public Radio station in Detroit (not an NPR station, 24 hours of music every day) WRCJ which also streams live over the Internet. Most of the daytime is Classical
from a wide variety of styles and eras. Dr. Dave Wagner and Chris Felcyn provide plenty of background information in a very entertaining manner. No stuffiness or elitism here! Jack Goggin has encyclopedic knowledge of film scores and everything related to music in film, hosting a weekly program on the subject and popping up from time to time as a substitute for Dr. Dave or Chris when needed. Nighttime is turned over to Tony Mowad, Bob Studebaker and others for the best in Traditional Jazz.  Very little of the “Smooth Jazz” that I find to be elevator music.The station motto is
“Classical Days and Jazzy Nights”  If you are in or visiting the Metro Detroit area, tune your FM radio to 90.9 and enjoy!